About the Boats

Image of seating area
  • Jeanneau Yachts 45.2 safe, fast, comfortable yachts accommodating up to 8 people sleeping and 12 on a day sail basis. Each with 2 showers/toilets and heating. 
  • 2 Benneteau 40.7 racing yachts fully geared for top class racing with skippers who have the experience to give you that competiive edge
  • Access to various other yachts ranging from 37 feet to 50 feet in length and accommodation provided in a variety of ways depending on individual yacht. So large groups can be catered for.
  • Super fast ribs that can speed along at 55 mph carrying up to 12 people.
  • Food can be provided on board or hosted ashore in a variety of establishments.
  • Hostess available on each boat if required.
  • Professional photographer for the day or just for the start, returning with prints at the end of the day.
  • Internet Access at any time when sailing.